why choose me?

I could go on and on about how much experience I have or how many families I have photographed over the years but the answer is really simple; I love my job.  Not only do I love being your photographer but I also love being a mama. I can relate to you. Your threenager decided she wants to wear her ballet outfit to family photos? I can relate to that. Your toddler is shy and anxious around strangers? I can relate to that! AND I have ways around it. I am not just the photographer lady, I will be your friend. I want to capture your love story because I genuinely care about you and your amazing family. I always talk about how I love love stories and I love to photograph them. Most people only think about weddings and engagement sessions when they hear love story. I think about so much more than that. All parents say that to non-parents. "You think you love your husband, but you have no idea what love is until you have a baby."  I used to scoff at this statement. I totally love my husband, I KNOW what love is. Boy was I wrong. Only, I wasn't entirely wrong. All I discovered was there was this new, indescribable love that I never knew existed. And it is life changing. That is a love story that I will forever be infatuated with. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, to the day they graduate from high school, I want to capture your love stories. I am a family photographer because I live for those moments. 

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